Why having a mobile website is crucial to your business.

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“In 2012, people spent $25 billion on purchases made from phones and tablets, an increase of 81 percent from the year before, according to eMarketer, which compiles data from 120 sources that track commerce.” Miller, Clarie Cane “Do People Actually Shop on Phones? The Answer is Decidedly Yes.” 09, Jan 2013. http://nyti.ms/1a9ULG4

I personally have had two out of three clients sign with me after they accessed my mobile site and set up a consultation. Now that I have made my mobile site a little easier to navigate than before, I am hoping to increase that success rate this year. To make my site I used showitfast.com. This company is owned by the famous David Jay and promoted by big wedding photography industry names like Jasmine Star and my personal favorite Zack & Jody Gray. Through this site you are able to build a standard website using HTML5 with easy drag and drop functions — No website building experience needed! You can also use one of their templates and modify it to fit your company’s needs. As for mobile sites, you can also build your own site using their templates and redirect any mobile device or tablet to to load your mobile site.

Here are the top 3 functions or pages you want to have on your mobile site to increase your success of a prospect becoming a paying customer.

  1. Contact Page: Make sure to include your business number and email. Some sites like showitfast.com have the function where your prospect can call you directly from your mobile site with just one click.
  2. Content / Product: You want to have an easy to navigate gallery or product menu. Your website is a virtual storefront.
  3. You: As a photographer you have to earn the trust of your client. Why not show yourself or tell a little bit about your passion for photography? I like putting my face on everything as you can tell, but it’s strategic and also because my girl tells me I look handsome

You don’t have to build your mobile site with showtifast.com but it’s extremely easy and cost effective. But remember that having a mobile site is crucial if you want to take your photography business to the next level.

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Professional Photography Studio located in McAllen, Texas also serving all of the Rio Grande Valley. Our services include wedding photography, videography and photo booth rentals.

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