Luis & Yaya – Palmview, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

Yesterday was a very special day for this beautiful couple. Luis and Yaya met six years ago on the soccer field where they both played. They were both young and still in High School, as I recall Yaya telling me one day in my office. She told me it started off as a crush and they really didn’t know where it would go. I loved hearing their story because when it’s told, you can sense the love they have for each other. Although Luis is more quite about it, I never fail to see a smile on his face as his beautiful fiance takes lead by filling you in their love story.
Some would say six years is a long time, but they have made it work and I have no doubt their relationship will continue to grow stronger. Out of all the brides that have walked into my office, Yaya has been the only one to ask me, the wedding photographer, about my love life and my future wedding plans. That is why I love this couple so much — they care — and I care about them, too. Yesterday I got to demonstrate my affection for them by capturing a love story in the making.
I present to you,
Luis & Yaya Chapter 7: Six Years In The Making.

  DSC_7567 DSC_7591 DSC_7617 DSC_7637 DSC_7643 DSC_7751IMG_1003 IMG_1006 IMG_1026 IMG_1048 IMG_1097 IMG_1211IMG_1254 IMG_1284 IMG_1398 IMG_1341 IMG_1444 IMG_1518 IMG_1503IMG_1620 IMG_1674 IMG_1684 DSC_7891 IMG_1727 IMG_1729 IMG_1752 IMG_1780 DSC_7938 Luis & Yaya Wedding - Ben Briones Studios ben briones studios, ben briones photography, ben briones, mcallen wedding photographer DSC_7932IMG_1858 IMG_2923 IMG_2932 IMG_2229 IMG_2235 IMG_2246 IMG_2261IMG_2091 IMG_2106 IMG_2155 IMG_2652 IMG_2698 IMG_2719 IMG_2742 IMG_2764 IMG_2779 IMG_2330 IMG_2824 IMG_2879 IMG_2964 IMG_3014 IMG_3359 IMG_3136 IMG_3041

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