Creating Workflows

2x2_Ben-Briones-Head-Shots-2013-(7-of-15)One of the most challenging tasks that hindered my business when it began to grow was keeping my jobs organized. It’s exciting to book a client or two and manage them well, but the real challenge comes when your business starts to grow rapidly and you have 15+ jobs for the year. Things get hectic when you have to manage Robert and Gloria’s wedding coming up in three weeks and they haven’t gotten their sign-in-book they ordered from you two months ago.

At the same time you are dealing with a new client you are about to book photos, video and who also need an engagement session right away; on top of that you have three portrait clients waiting to order prints and review images. Trust me, I have dealt with all kinds of crazy situations –but this is how I overcame being unorganized and began managing each of my clients as if they were the only ones that mattered. I built a system using a client management application like ShootQ.

When I began my business I did not pay for a client management application, instead I had paper and pen which I used to create workflows for each type of job I was booking. One day I sat down and just recollected the whole experience a client goes through, from the consultation meeting to receiving their final product from us. I wrote all of that down in a chronological step-by-step list. I did this for all my jobs including, photo booths, portrait sessions, quinces and weddings. Once I got my hands on ShootQ I began to apply them to their shoot workflow settings. You don’t have to purchase a client management application to be organized, you are free to use excel, printed lists or whatever you feel works best for your business. Many photographers I know manage their clients fine with just excel and their Google Calendar.

Below you will see a detailed workflow for my portrait sessions. Study it and see if it something similar to what you are doing and manipulate it to fit your jobs. If you would like to sit down with me to do a one-on-one mapping of your job workflows please fill out the contact form below.


Session Pre-Shoot

  • Photographer: Discuss Session Ideas. Add Remarks. [Online or Meeting]
  • Assistant: Confirm Session Details. Add To Client Management Application
Due Date: 3 Day(s) After Booking


Send an Email – (Reminders) Meeting Reminder – Ben Briones Studios

Session Post-Production

  • Photographer: Backup Images on 2 HD’s
  • Photographer: Cull Images
  • Photographer: Edit Images
  • Photographer: Upload To PASS
  • Assistant: Email Print Order Form To Client
Due Date: 1 Day(s) After the Event


Send an Email – (2014 General) PASS Instructions

Session Post-Shoot

  • Assistant: Share PASS Gallery w/ Client
  • Assistant: Collect Final Payment
Due Date: 5 Day(s) After the Previous Milestone


Send a Questionnaire – Ben Briones Studios: Client Follow Up Survey – 2014

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