Special Graduation Photo Session by The Beach – Ben Briones Studios

These portraits are by special request for my client Cynthia Cameron, who’s also a Ben Briones Studio’s bride. When Cynthia and her husband came into my office for wedding photography information we clicked right away. Laughter and heart-felt stories brought us closer but strongest connection we had was that we shared the same faith and beliefs.

When Cynthia signed with Ben Briones Studios she was still a student at The University of Texas Pan American but was very close to graduating. The couple asked me if I would be willing to take Cynthia’s graduation portraits. She voiced she had never had a professional photo session for herself, so I added the session into their wedding package as a gift.

After a few months of planning we finally decided on all the photo session details. Cynthia had a special requests though. One of her requests was if we could incorporate her faith and depict spirituality into her graduation photo session. Her second request was if she could include the love of her life in “one photo” because Baltazar, her fiancé, had been by her side through her college career. And lastly, she wanted her session at South Padre Island but not on the actual beach.

As photographers we get a lot of special requests To me that sounded simple but I’d like to know what you think?

I present to you a few images from this special photo session.





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