Vanessa Reyna & Michael Rodriguez Wedding – Edinburg, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

Vanessa and Michael have been one of my best clients. These two are such sweat hearts and when you are around them you can just feel the dynamic between them! The couple put their complete trust in me and I felt very honored to capture the next chapter in their lives.

There was a point in the wedding where I too got very emotional because honestly this couple is a model couple, even their priest said they passed their marriage class with flying colors. Vanessa and Michael give me hope that true and pure love does exist.

You know when they first contacted me it was the groom, Michael, who was very hands on with a lot of the planning. That was rare to see as I mentioned in a previous blog I wrote about them. Now after the wedding has passed I can definitely see the team work it took to create such a beautiful event and thus produce such a perfect marriage.
ben briones studios photography mcallen wedding  wedding photographer Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-2Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-3Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-4Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-5Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-6Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-7Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-8Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-9Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-10Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-11Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-12Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-13Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-14Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-15Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-16Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-17Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-18Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-19Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-20Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-21Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-22Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-23Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-24Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-25Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-26Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-27Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-28Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-29Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-30Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-31Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-32Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-33Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-34Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-35Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-36Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-37Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-38Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-39Vanessa & Michael_BLOG_BenBrionesStudios-40If you’d like to know more about Ben Briones Studios’ photography service, please fill out the contact form below.

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