Alondra Alanis Quince – Ben Briones Studios

A few weeks ago we photographed and watched Alondra Alanis enter womanhood in most glamorous fashion, a Quince. Her loving family gathered at the Corinthians dressed elegantly ready for a bittersweet night. Alondra, daughter of loving mother Jaine, was dressed in a two piece pink gown that was custom made by Rosie Coronado. The beautiful gown transformed into a gorgeous dance outfit as Alondra and her dance team busted a move making the highlight of the night a memorable one. The happy spirit in the air was accompanied by a two live bands and excellent service by the Corinthians. And how can we forget the candy bar that was enjoyed by not only children but adults who gave a quick look around and they scooped up a few pink themed candies. The gifts, the outfits, the atmosphere all remind us that no matter the amount of events we cover, each is as unique and beautiful as the family. We wish you well Alondra, and telling from the love that resonated from your parents, you are in good hands. 

Photo Credit: Ben Briones, Jessica Musick

IMG_3594 IMG_3524 IMG_3498 IMG_3489 IMG_3263 IMG_3239 IMG_3153 IMG_3053 IMG_3051 IMG_2977 IMG_2973 IMG_2969 IMG_2717 IMG_2549 IMG_2531 IMG_2237 IMG_2217 IMG_2194 IMG_4394 IMG_4276 IMG_4209 IMG_3988 IMG_3928 2 IMG_3719 IMG_3665


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