Celina Esparza Bridal Shower – Ben Briones Studios

Celina’s bridal shower was delightful! It took place at The Club at Cimarron in Mission – Sharyland area. The part was a breakfast / brunch event with very good food. The house was packed with family and friends excited for Celina and Mario’s wedding. I found myself enjoying myself very much documenting this special event.

The event was fun filled with games and lots of laughs. The whole party was planned and orchestrated by Celina’s wonderful sister. And as you can see from the photos it was such a beautiful turn out. I am more than excited for this wedding to come already!

ben briones photography mcallen wedding photographer CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-3 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-4 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-6 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-8 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-9 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-15 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-17 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-21 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-25 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-35 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-41 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-42 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-47 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-49 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-51 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-52 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-53 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-57 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-80 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-86 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-102 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-106 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-109 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-111 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-125 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-127 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-130 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-131 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-133 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-157 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-168 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-179 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-185 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-205 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-211 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-226 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-228 CelinaBridalShower_BLOG_BBS-270

If you are having a bridal shower and would like it documented fill out the contact form below.


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