Brianna Alanis – Sweet 16 – Mission, Texas

It has been such a pleasure working with the Alanis family. This Sweet 16 was such a beautiful event I really don’t understand why I didn’t show it sooner on my blog. This event took place in September 2015. I honestly thought I had a draft ready to post but here I am writing one from scratch, which I don’t mind.

The event took place at the Corinthian Banquet & Event Center located in 1516 E. US. Expressway 83.Suite A Mission TX. 78572. I have done many events at the Corinthian but never one that looks this fabulous. The red just popped and brought the whole place to life. The color pallet was very elegant.

My studio provided the photo session, event photos and event video for Ms. Brianna, which can be seen at the following links:

Photo Session | Event Photos | Event Video BriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-3_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-8_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-10_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-14_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-20_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-26_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-27_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-40_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-103_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-104_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-105_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-125_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-144_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-182_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-183_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-210_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-218_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-225_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-230_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-237_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-271_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-304_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-346_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-383_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-429_FBBriannaGarica_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-430_FB

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