Isabel & Guilherme Engagement – McAllen, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

With all odds stacked up against us we still made this late evening photo session magical! Isabel & Guilherme have that, “love at first sight” relationship. From what they told me is that they met Guilherme is a MMA fighter from Brazil who found love in the small town of Edinburg, Texas with the beautiful bride to be Isabel Barroso. God definitely has his hand in this beautiful relationship!

We basically winged this photo shoot. Using some of my house and the awesome spots the McAllen Arts District has to offer. I mixed LED lighting with studio lights focused with a snoot so I wouldn’t have too much light spilling. I knew this photo shoot was going to challenge my skills. I don’t do many night sessions but I love the results!

Congratulations to you both. May God bless your marriage! IsabelGuilherme_BLOG_BBS-1834IsabelGuilherme_BLOG_BBS-1853IsabelGuilherme_BLOG_BBS-1985IsabelGuilherme_BLOG_BBS-1959IsabelGuilherme_BLOG_BBS-2031IsabelGuilherme_BLOG_BBS-2204IsabelGuilherme_BLOG_BBS-2335IsabelGuilherme_BLOG_BBS-2445

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