Deedee & Manny Wedding – Mcallen, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

This couple has been one of the dopest couples I have ever met and this is why… Here are the ABC’s on why they rock!

A. Their personality and dynamic as both individuals and as a couple rock! Super fun to be around and relatable. I found myself always laughing when around them. B. They live in Austin, Texas and that’s were we chose to take their engagement photos. For those who don’t know I went to school at The University of Texas at Austin and consider that my “third home”, SA being my second, and the RGV my first of course. But anyways…I photographed them in Austin at some very cool and special places to me and them. C. I gained two new friends. My best friend Imanol Miranda had a photography art show in Austin and I invited Deedee & Manny, and they actually went, which was pretty awesome. They also met my other best friends and had a good time.

All these little events make for big memories. Thank you guys for allowing my team and I to play a part of another special time in your lives. The couple had a beautiful ceremony at St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church in Pharr, Texas, which followed by an elegant reception at the Valencia Event Center located at 3012 S Jackson Rd, McAllen, TX 78503.

I present to you some of my favorite photos from Deedee & Manny’s Wedding!

Photo Credit: Steph Rios, Ben Briones

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