Marie Coria – Head Shots – Ben Briones Studios

My good friend  Marie Coria just went through a career change and needed head shots. The ones your see here were our two favorite shots from the 30min photo session at my photo studio in McAllen.

The cool thing about this was I shot them with a Nikon D3200. For those that know me I shoot with a Canon 6D or Canon 5D but both of those camera’s where out of commission and the only camera left in my photo studio was my Nikon D3200, which I primarily use for professional DSLR video recordings.

I am kind of proud of myself for crossing platforms and nailing some decent shots of my beautiful friend. Head shots always seem simple but they are truly complex because each and every person has their own looks and angles for the camera. I think Marie and I found her two best looks.


If you need professional head shots please fill out the contact form below.

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