Dominique Gilbert E-Session – Mcallen, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

These two were definitely meant to be together! They compliment each other so well, plus, they are no doubt an incredibly fun couple to be around. Dominique has such a giddy and joyful personality that is just wonderful to be around, pretty contagious I would say. Gilbert has a sweet and calm spirit and I figured out that with just the right person around, you can get some crazy laughs out the guy.

The couple choose one of our classic favorites, La Quinta Mazatlan, located in South McAllen. The couple’s outfit in a sense resembled simplicity because it fit well with Quinta’s 1930’s Spanish inspired architecture and design. We also love how they both wore western boots for a part of the session. The bride-to-be changed both dresses and shoes, which gave the session a small twist but did not stray away from the theme.

I [Stephanie Rios] had a blast working with these two, as well as Denise, Dominique’s older sister, of which Ben Briones Studios has also photographed, was so fun and knew exactly how to help out since she has gone through this experience before. I got to know them and I am super grateful that they were comfortable enough to share their lives and their laughter with me. It would be more than my pleasure to be able to work with them again. They’re seriously such a naturals in front of a camera. Many, many blessings to the lovely couple on their upcoming marriage!

Blog + Photo Credit: Stephanie Rios

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