Celina and John Wedding – New Braunfels, Tx – Ben Briones Studios

Celina and I go way back, probably to middle school and high school so when she asked me to be her wedding photographer I said yes, without a doubt! We had the privilege of photographing this beautiful wedding that was filled with close family and friends, most of them familiar to me as well. Felt like home!

Celina and her husband got married at a beautiful country cabin style venue known as The Milestone located at New Braunfels, Texas. What made it more special was their theme. The couple kept it South Texas with Mexican themed decor and a taco bar! I love the flow of the event. They had their ceremony right outside of the venue at under a beautiful pergola. We took their portraits in the front of the venue, which served as a beautiful backdrop.

Here are some of my favorite photos from this wedding.
Photo Credit: Veronica Briones, Ben Briones 07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0100_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0289_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0038_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0057-2_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0067_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0170-2_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0113_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0215_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0242_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0251_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0329-2_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0332_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0344-2_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0361_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0374_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0279_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0826_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0702_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0696_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0687_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0673_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0657-2_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0623_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0574-2_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0565_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0544-2_FB_BBS07-26-16_HighRes_CelinaJohnWedding_BBS-0476_FB_BBS

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2 thoughts on “Celina and John Wedding – New Braunfels, Tx – Ben Briones Studios

  1. Ben,
    Thanks for the lovely intro to these most excellent photographs of Celina’s and John’s wedding. You and Veronica captured the spirit of their “simple, elegant, fun wedding” so precisely! Looking at the pictures instantly took me back to that day and brought all the beautiful emotions of the event to the surface all over again. Thank you so very much for all you did for my lovely daughter and her betrothed!
    Lisa Jacobsen,
    Mother of the Bride!


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