Efrain & Ruby Wedding – Houston, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

It was 9:00 P.M. Thursday night when I finished filming a wedding for a couple in Monte Alto, Texas. It was out in a ranch in the middle of nowhere but the setting was beautiful and intimate. As soon as I finished I packed my equipment and quickly drove en route to Edinburg, Texas where I was going to meet my team for the next wedding I had lined up. We had a wedding in Houston, Texas the next day at 4:00pm.

The overnight journey from the Rio Grande Valley to Houston, Texas was a very dark, sleepy but fun filled road trip. My team and I had a truck full of camera equipment and cups filled to the rim with caffeine to keeps us awake for the next five hours. We were blessed to have a place to stay at in Houston. A friend from church is currently enrolled in at Rice University.

We finally arrived at 4:00 A.M. and went straight to bed. The next morning we prepped all our gear and met up for lunch with a former client of mine turned photographer, Mrs. Nicole DeLeon. I treated the team to lunch and then we headed off to the ceremony location.

The church ceremony was held at this beautiful modern church! A photographers dream church. The bride looked so beautiful and the groom handsome as well. This was my first wedding in Houston, Texas and I was just rolling with the punches. We had a timeline of events but the best photos are produced when you just go with the flow!

Here is the story of Efrain + Ruby’s Wedding.

Photo Credit: Nicole DeLeon, Ben Briones
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