Georgette Rojas – Musician Portrait – Ben Briones Studios

Miss Georgette Rojas is one super talented woman. She’s a worship leader, a fashion blogger, a Youtube Superstar in the making, a photographer in her own right, a minister, a youth pastor, a model, and there are many more hats that she wears. Georgette is based out of the DFW area but travels all around the world ministering with father Dr. Jorge Rojas.

I have known Georgette for over 4 years now and I really appreciate her friendship. There have been many times that her and I have hung out when I am in the DFW area or if she has time, whenever she visits the Rio Grande Valley. Not to long ago my sisters and I got to photographer her and her boyfriend downtown Dallas for their fashion blogs. Georgette is always ready to do photo shoots and that’s what I love about her. These are some of my favorite shots from this studio portrait session. 08.12.17_PRINT_Georgette Rojas Portraits_BBS-5016_pp_BLOG08.12.17_PRINT_Georgette Rojas Portraits_BBS-4995_pp_BLOG08.12.17_PRINT_Georgette Rojas Portraits_BBS-4983_pp_BLOG08.12.17_PRINT_Georgette Rojas Portraits_BBS-4953_pp_BLOG08.12.17_PRINT_Georgette Rojas Portraits_BBS-4936_pp_BLOG08.12.17_PRINT_Georgette Rojas Portraits_BBS-4893_pp_BLOG

If you’re a musician and need professional portraits please fill the contact form below.


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