Lupita’s Make-A-Wish Quince – Mission, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

We have been volunteering with Make-A-Wish RGV for over 5 years now. It’s been a tremendous blessing to provide photography services for their annual fundraising events but sometimes we are blessed to photograph special wishes for their patrons.

Recently we were asked to help with another wish for a beautiful young lady named Lupita. My contact over at Make-A-Wish RGV, Erika, asked us if we could cover this special event. Of course we said YES!

One of my super talented team member Jennifer Trevino helped take Lupita’s beautiful entrance portraits.

Sara, myself and another team member covered the quince event. This wish was definitely special. Here are some of our favorite moment’s from Luptia’s Make-A-Wish Quince.

Photo Credit: Sara Yanez, Ben Briones, Xio Jasso. 02.29.20_Lupita Quince - Make A Wish RGV_BBP-1235_WEB02.29.20_Lupita Quince - Make A Wish RGV_BBP-1257_WEB02.29.20_Lupita Quince - Make A Wish RGV_BBP-1258_WEB02.29.20_Lupita Quince - Make A Wish RGV_BBP-1268_WEB02.29.20_Lupita Quince - Make A Wish RGV_BBP-1318_WEB02.29.20_Lupita Quince - Make A Wish RGV_BBP-1327_WEB02.29.20_Lupita Quince - Make A Wish RGV_BBP-1360_WEB02.29.20_Lupita Quince - Make A Wish RGV_BBP-1380_WEB02.29.20_Lupita Quince - Make A Wish RGV_BBP-05890_WEB02.29.20_Lupita Quince - Make A Wish RGV_BBP-06115_WEB02.29.20_Lupita Quince - Make A Wish RGV_BBP-06244_WEB

If you are having a special event and would like us to cover it please fill out the form below.

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