Teacher of the Month – Ms. Yanez

sara yanez black and white portrait mcallen texas

Guess who got teacher of the month? This beauty here!

When the pandemic hit everyone’s world was turned upside down. The area hit the hardest was in education! School plays such a big roll in society. Schools provide shelter for students, a warm meal, a safe and happy environment. Teachers are America’s unsung hero’s!

Today I want to share this post about the elementary music educator you see in this portrait. Covid-19 took the teacher out of the classroom but never took the teacher out of the fight. When it was decided school was going full virtual Sara did not back down from the challenge.

We transformed our bedroom into her virtual classroom. Sara got herself a cute desk chair combo. We quickly bought her a 2nd monitor screen with articulating arm. She purchased the necessary equipment and accessories to turn our professional camera into a secondary webcam. She was ready!

This teacher stays up until wee hours of the night prepping her virtual classroom, studying and lesson planning, and creating personal audio messages for her students. During the day, because I also work from home, I hear her singing and drumming on her desk, teaching her students music theory in fun ways to elementary kids. Sometimes I hear our bedroom door bust open because she’s running off to a quick bathroom break or cold brew refill as quickly as she can before her next class starts. On top of back-to-back classes she still attends regular morning and after school virtual meetings, often planning the next few weeks or months with her coworkers.

I am very proud of her and I know many of her friends and coworkers are too! Before covid she would tell me that her students would tell her that her music class was their favorite class and till this day she often comes out of our bedroom / classroom happy because she continues to hear the same praise and love from her students.

Sara Yanez, I love you and I am very proud of you! Congrats on being teacher of the Month at John McKeever Elementary PSJA ISD.

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