2017 Law Day Gala – 80’s Prom – McAllen Convention Center

Special thanks to CJ and The Hidalgo County Bar Association for allowing us to capture such a fun and unique event! I love the 80’s Prom theme! The decor was spot on, the food looked amazing and the music was just right!

Every Law Day Gala just keeps getting better and better. I love the ones from the previous year but this one is going down on record as my favorite. Sara and I enjoyed seeing happy faces and people dancing their hearts out to awesome 80’s jams. Hope we can do it again next year!

Photo Credit: Loudres Paz, Sara Yanez, Ben Briones


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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – Create The Bridge – Ben Briones Studios

A while back my good friend Luis Trevino, owner of Create the Bridge, a local and national marketing agency, asked me to aid him with a project. He was working on a campaign for a  local Rio Grande Valley business that “pimps out” Mercedes Benz Sprinters. The customization on these vehicles are beautiful. From detailing to window tinting and all the way to installing the latest Xbox system in van. A truly work of art for those who can afford such a nice luxury.

My favorite part of this unique photo shoot with this beautiful Mercedes Benz Sprinter was to get it in action. We took it out to Granjeno, Texas on a very disclosed road where the driver could take the Sprinter back and forth. My objective was to get the Sprinter zooming past the camera or heading toward my perspective. To say the least it was very fun. Enjoy!

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Baptismal – Mission, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

It’s never too late to choose your path. This young man at the age of 15 choose to become a Christian and we should give him props to make such an important decision in life. This family hired me to document a special moment in their lives and I happily took on this job knowing how important it was to them and the young man.

Typically the majority of baptismal photos are of young children but this case was different. This young man made his choice and took it on looking sharp in his white tux. It was a different experience because this time I could communicate with the client versus a a small child. He had a look he was pulling off and I hope I was able to capture it for him. Many blessings to him and his family. 11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6663_fb11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6670_fb11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6685_fb11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6700_fb11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6706_fb11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6719_fb11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6734_fb11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6739_fb11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6752_fb11-19-16_web_baptismal_bbs-6770_fb

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Amazonas MMA Gym – Edinburg, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

There is nothing better than seeing your friends succeed and better yet to see those who have also been your clients. On November 18, 2016 my clients Guilherme Farias Da Costa and Isabel Da Costa hosted their grand opening for their new gym Amazonas MMA Gym in Edinburg, Texas.

Amazonas MMA Gym offers training in MMA, BJJ, or Muay Thai. They have classes for both children and adults. Their class times vary so you may want to call them to find out more about the class times and details on the courses. They attend to both male and female and you do not have to be interested in fighting professionally to train with them. The workouts alone are intense enough.

The main coach Guilherme Farias Da Costa is a professional fighter from Brasil. He has over 10 professional armature wins under his belt. He holds high credentials in MMA, BBJ, and Muay Thai and is an excellent personal trainer. I urge everyone who’s looking for a great gym to join Amazonas MMA Gym located at 4618 US 281 Edinburg, Texas.

Photo Credit: Jessica Musick, Ben Briones


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The Style Union Launch Party @ Francisca’s Showroom – McAllen, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

The Style Union had their official launch party to celebrate their new Pop Up Store located in Francisca’s Showroom in McAllen, Texas. Alexa Carancca, friend and co-founder, hosted my photo booth at their event. I had such a great time seeing people roll in and interact with the owners and walk out with bags full of goodies.

I have known Alexa for quite some time now. She’s a creative, a photographer, a sports car enthusiast, and big time fashionista. That day I also met the other half to the union, Ms. Patty, who also is a creative, businesswoman and videographer. This team are truly shakers and movers of the RGV Fashion Scene.

The Style Union was created in February 2016 by both Alexa and Patty post college graduation. The duo wanted to create a store that they would personally love to shop at as it was always a challenge to find stores that appealed to their personal styles. I would describe the products at The Style Union casual chic dipped in modern young professional.

That evening I was just going to run the photo booth but I volunteered myself to be the unofficial photographer for the launch party since Alexa is a dear friend and I support local entrepreneurs. Wishing Ms. Alexa and Patty much success with The Style Union!  Here are the results of the successful event. Enjoy! the-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3225_webthe-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3227_webthe-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3230_webthe-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3239_webthe-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3254_webthe-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3264_webthe-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3278_webthe-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3311_webthe-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3316_webthe-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3321_webthe-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3325_webthe-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3329_webthe-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3332_webthe-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3344_webthe-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3355_webthe-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3360_webthe-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3380_webthe-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3393_webthe-style-union-launch-party_highres_bbs-3401_web

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Victoria Palms Inn & Suites – Hotel Resort Photography – Ben Briones Studios

Back in July I was contracted to take some images of the new upgraded suites at Victoria Palms Inn & Suites in Donna, Texas. You know, the one with all the big palm trees off the highway you always see on your way to the Mercedes Outlet Mall.

I’ve done some hotel photography before for a client who owns and manages the Best Western Plus Inn & Suites in Edinburg, Texas of Canton Rd but it had been a while. I prepared for this job by researching and watching videos. Most of the photographers online who do hotel and resort photography had a simple setup and mostly used HDR to produce the images the client wanted. So I followed suit and took my simple setup and produced some straight-forward shots of the newly upgraded rooms at Victoria Palms.

The best part about this job was getting to hangout with one of my most dearest friends Amanda Grace Monroy , who also happens to be the coordinator for special events or something fancy like that for the resort. We rode around in a golf club catching up on life. There’s nothing better than taking photos with good friends.

In the past three years I have attended some events at Victoria Palms and its a beautiful location. Here are my renditions of the beautiful Inn.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 11.09.22 AM

IMG_0932_FB_BBSIMG_0950_FB_BBSIMG_1059 copy_FB_BBS


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Fuentes’ Baby Shower – Weslaco, Tx

David and Cynthia Fuentes are two God loving people who are bringing another life into this world. You could see the excitement on their faces as they celebrated this event with their friends and family at Arturo’s Bar and Grill in Weslaco, Texas.  It is true what they say about the glow a woman gets while being pregnant, Cynthia was truly a sight to see. Such a beautiful mother.

The simple happiness that surrounds them both lit up the pink and gold adorned room. Everyone had laughs as they played games. The whole family was filled with joy at thsi event and we had a pleasure documenting it.

Cynthia and David God bless you and your family from Ben Briones Studios.

Photo Credit: Jessica Musick

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Fashion Re-purposed: For Thrifts-sake – McAllen, Tx – Ben Briones Studios

Fashion Repurposed for Thrifts sake, a Creative Call to Action event, was hosted by Victoria Lopez and Mark Hanna in support of Mujeres Unidas at the McAllen Creative museum. Victoria Lopez is an Author/Poet & Founder of CC2A and Mark Hanna, Business Consultant/Motivational Speaker. Creative Call to Action is a RGV based organization that helps young talented artists get a leg up in the community. Last night CC2A gave 5 young minds a runway to show off their styling skills. Each contestant had only 30 minutes to sift through a pile of thrift clothes and come up with fashionable outfits for 6 randomly picked models. The looks they came up with truly blew the crowd away.

Seems Fuentes -Food blogger [The RGV Foodster], Sarah Davila – Fashion Blogger [956 Blog], Mireya Mendoza, Melissa Vega, and Straylooks deserve a standing ovation for their stylistic talents. The audience ranked Seen’s line to be the line in the night, they all won a series of prizes. The night didn’t end there.

Featured artists artists of the month were Diana Olivares and Josue Ramirez. Josue had built and installation in the creative center called “Piñata Abstract” and designed a series of outfits out of art supplies. Be sure to keep an eye out for these rising stars.

Photo Credit: Jessica Musick

07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1088_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1094_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1154_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1156_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1158_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1159_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1164_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1166_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1204_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1211_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1216_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1225_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1237_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1242_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1245_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1247_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1256_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1258_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1268_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1272_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1274_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1279_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1289_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1296_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1303_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1306_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1312_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1321_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1324_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1326_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1336_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1352_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1357_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1364_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1370_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1376_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1381_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1395_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1405_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1406_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1413_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1414_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1423_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1426_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1431_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1432_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1442_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1450_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1462_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1468_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1472_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1476_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1478_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1481_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1486_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1497_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1499_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1507_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1516_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1521_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1523_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1526_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1531_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1539_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1543_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1548_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1552_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1562_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1565_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1574_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1576_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1589_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1592_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1603_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1609_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1615_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1618_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1623_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1631_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1639_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1643_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1652_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1663_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1666_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1670_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1676_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1680_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1686_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1690_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1693_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1699_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1723_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1748_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1755_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1759_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1762_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1801_FB_BBS07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1807_FB_BBS

Baltazar & Cynthia – Surprise Proposal – McAllen, Texas

One evening I got a call from one of my clients. I thought maybe he had question about his wedding package he and his fiancé had booked with me. No, he told me he had secretly took his fiancé’s engagement ring because he wanted to upgrade it and re-propose to her.

Now if you know Baltazar you know that he’s a big jokester and has this specific laugh when you know he’s up to no good. That laugh was what followed by his idea in our phone call. I was so down to help him with this idea. So we set a meeting at a local Starbucks and planned out the idea.

After brain storming we decided to do this re-proposal as so. Before anything he was going to provide me with images from every year they have been together so that I can print 4×6 size prints and fame them. I was to attach that frame to a baby blue balloon, where I would lay them out in order at a park but lets layout how it went down.

First, Batlazar was to book a reservation at SALT American Table in McAllen, Texas for him and his Cynthia for her birthday. According to them it almost didn’t happen but Balthazar convinced Cynthia to take a break from studying and enjoy a night out. Next, while they were enjoying dinner I setup the pictures and balloons at park. The plan was for them to  get there and the balloons would lead to a bridge where a musician (Sara Yanez) was hidden under and would come out to perform Cynthia’s favorite song.

We setup up 3 hidden video camera and two photographers to capture images as well. As the couple walked up the bridge one more balloon would be released from the bottom to grab the attention of Cynthia so she can look down and see the Musican perform for them. And that’s where Baltazar would propose to her once more with now an upgrade ring.

See other work done for this couple here: Grad Photos | Bridal | Las Vegas | Wedding 

Check out how it unfolded via photos and video found below.
Photo Credit: Felicia Sepulveda, Ben BrionesBaltizar_BenBrionesStudios (8 of 20)_FBBaltizar_BenBrionesStudios (10 of 20)_FBBaltizar_BenBrionesStudios (12 of 20)_FBBaltizar_BenBrionesStudios (6 of 20)_FBBaltizar_BenBrionesStudios-8058_FBBaltizar_BenBrionesStudios-8020_FBBaltizar_BenBrionesStudios (20 of 20)_FBBaltizar_BenBrionesStudios (17 of 20)_FBBaltizar_BenBrionesStudios (16 of 20)_FBBaltizar_BenBrionesStudios (15 of 20)_FB


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Create The Bridge – Ben Briones Studios – Barquito Oyster Bar – Roma, TX

Images photographed for Create The Bridge

One of my good friends, Luis Trevino, who is Co-Founder & CMO at Create The Bridge contracted to photograph these amazing drinks created by a unique seafood restaurant in Roma, Texas. I don’t know about you but I love seafood and Barquito Oyster Bar is the seafood restaurant of Roma, Texas. On top of their great food they have these one-of-a-kind mixed drinks.

I will be honest…I had never photographed drinks before. I have photographed food and still life but never prepared drinks. Well with some old school photography knowledge, a little bit of confidence and snoot I got the job done.

If you ever happen to be in Roma, Texas and feeling the craving for some seafood  and good drinks you have to visit Barquito Oyster Bar located 2042 E Grant St, Roma, TX 78584. Checkout what the online community is saying about this awesome seafood place.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/El-Barquito-Roma-Tx/232118113534825
Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/el-barquito-oyster-bar-roma

For more information to hiring Create The Bridge click here: http://www.createthebridge.com/