Corina and Friends – Prom Photo Session – McAllen, Texas

This Saturday we had a really fun time photographing these beautiful and classy young people before their prom!  If I could sum up the overall experience of this session with four words, they would be: laughter, style, boldness, and friendship.

This group of friends looked amazing and really rocked their personalities into their photo shoot! Not once did they hold back from trying the poses we suggested to them.  They even added their own style to them! From standing poses to impromptu cat-walking to Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love”, this group totally had fun and got creative with us!
Close to the end of the photo shoot, one of the girls sat down to rest for a bit on one of the McAllen Bcycles. We thought that looked pretty cool so we took the opportunity to capture that moment with all of them. Little did we know that Mr. Robert de Leon, Program Manager for the city’s first-ever bike share system McAllen Bcycle, was there at that moment. He really liked the idea and took a picture of us as well!  A very cool way to wrap up the photo shoot!
Thank you, Miranda, Ana, Corina, and Marcos for choosing us, Ben Briones Studios, to capture your Prom photos!  Photo Credit: Lourdes Paz
05.20.17_BLOG_Corina Cisneros_BBS105.20.17_BLOG_Corina Cisneros_BBS205.20.17_BLOG_Corina Cisneros_BBS305.20.17_BLOG_Corina Cisneros_BBS405.20.17_BLOG_Corina Cisneros_BBS505.20.17_BLOG_Corina Cisneros_BBS605.20.17_BLOG_Corina Cisneros_BBS705.20.17_BLOG_Corina Cisneros_BBS8
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Alexandra Eguia – Prom Photo Session – McAllen Texas

This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful young lady before her prom! Alexandra looked stunning in her pink prom gown. We took the photos at her home where she felt most comfortable!

Alexandra did amazing. She told Loudres and I that she loved taking photos and that she too was interested in taking up photography. She had an eye for it too because the majority of the poses was suggested by her. I am super excited to share these photos with you all! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Loudres Paz, Ben Briones

Alexandria Prom Session_PRINT_BBS-3388_WEBAlexandria Prom Session_PRINT_BBS-3391_WEBAlexandria Prom Session_PRINT_BBS-3396_WEBAlexandria Prom Session_PRINT_BBS-3409_WEBAlexandria Prom Session_PRINT_BBS-3411_WEBAlexandria Prom Session_PRINT_BBS-3417_WEB

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Karla Ramirez & Saul Martinez – Prom 2017 – McAllen Convention Center

This weekend we photographed Karla and Saul before they headed out to their prom! Karla looked lovely in her beautiful floral prom dress and Saul looked extremely dapper in his blue suit.

The couple took their pre-prom photos at the McAllen Convention Center. Their outfits worked well with the beautiful setting of the location. I also love how Saul’s suite really complimented Karla’s dress. Their prom outfits were very well put together.

Hope the couple had as much fun at prom as we had photographing them!
Photo Credit: Loudres Paz 05.06.17_PRINT_Karla Ramirez Prom Session_BBS-4231_BLOG05.06.17_PRINT_Karla Ramirez Prom Session_BBS-4229_BLOG05.06.17_PRINT_Karla Ramirez Prom Session_BBS-4218_BLOG05.06.17_PRINT_Karla Ramirez Prom Session_BBS-4214_BLOG05.06.17_PRINT_Karla Ramirez Prom Session_BBS-4205_BLOG05.06.17_PRINT_Karla Ramirez Prom Session_BBS-4202_BLOG

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Brianna & RJ PROM – Edinburg, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

Brianna and RJ looked fresh on the evening of their high school prom. Brianna wore a beautiful black two piece prom dress and Mr RJ looked sharp in his all black tux. I photographed the couple at this beautiful location where I actually once took Brianna’s quince photos.

The photo shoot was quick but fun. We took some great photos outdoors, inside the house, in the backyard poolside and even with RJ’s badass Chevy truck. Overall Brianna and RJ did amazing at the shoot and I hope that had fun at prom and made awesome memories.

04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4146_BLOG04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4151_BLOG04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4159_BLOG04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4209_BLOG04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4210_BLOG04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4229_BLOG04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4235_BLOG04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4237_BLOG04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4251_BLOG04.29.17_PRINT_Brianna Prom_BBS-4260_BLOG

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Desiree Chavez – TAMUCC Grad – Corpus Christi Texas

A few weeks back my assistant and I traveled to Corpus Christi to photograph this beautiful soul. Desiree is graduating from Texas A&M University–Corpus Christ and we took these photos to celebrate this huge milestone in her life.  Ms. Chavez is originally from Mission, Texas but decided to go to school by the bay.

I have known Desiree for a few years now and she’s just such an awesome person. She’s full of puns, is a socially conscious, outgoing and very interesting. I think some these first shots really bring out her colorful personality. Oh and she has style as well. We tried to keep the shoot simple yet fun.

We actually started the photo shoot on the campus of the school, Texas A&M University–Corpus Christ. We photographed her in front of the iconic wave that oversees the ocean. Then we walked to an area on campus she loved most and then we finished the photo shoot downtown to a beautiful mural right before it poured on us.

Photo Credit: Loudres Paz, Ben Briones04.22.17_BLOG_Desiree Grad Portraits_BBS-4104_BLOG04.22.17_BLOG_Desiree Grad Portraits_BBS-4137_BLOG04.22.17_BLOG_Desiree Grad Portraits_BBS-7935_BLOG04.22.17_BLOG_Desiree Grad Portraits_BBS-7996_BLOG04.22.17_BLOG_Desiree Grad Portraits_BBS-8040_BLOG04.22.17_BLOG_Desiree Grad Portraits_BBS-8042_BLOG04.22.17_BLOG_Desiree Grad Portraits_BBS-8070_BLOG04.22.17_BLOG_Desiree Grad Portraits_BBS-8129_BLOG

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Nat Rodriguez -Artist In The Making + – Edinburg, Texas

 Nat and I have been friends since 2003 when we both attended Edinburg North High School. Since I’ve known her I knew she could sing but it was until recently when I rediscovered her talent because she began posting and sharing her music on Facebook. 

Nat’s music is inspired by her faith and has a variety of sounds to it. It can fall into the  modern Christian music genre for sure. I applaud her because she’s actually marking music and putting out there and that’s truly how you get started as an artist. 

Nat reached out to me so we could take some photos for a possible album she was going to make or just so people could put a face to the wonderful music she was producing and sharing. She requested to be photographed on some railroad tracks that she would walk through as teen. She told us they meant a lot to her. So we did just that! 

Friend when you’re a famous Christian artist don’t forget about me! Wishing you the best of luck in your music career! 


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Hatch Family Session | Hidalgo Pump House | Ben Briones Studios 

I’m sad to start this story by saying they were missing one. The Hatch Family is actually a team of five but one of their son’s was not feeling to well and didn’t participate in this shoot. I promised them I would retake their session if they were ever back in the valley. They had been visiting family during the Christmas holidays and took advantage of the time to take family photos. Very grateful they chose us! Thank you! 

We photographed them at the Hidalgo Pump House. Surprisingly their outfits matched the aesthetics of the location which was a major plus for all of us! The kids were little angles as well, always ready to pose. Mom and dad too were fun and always willing to take my instruction rather it be a standard shot or something creative! 

I’m sad their other son didn’t join in but as someone who once was a teenage boy I can sympathize with him. As I mentioned I wouldn’t mind redoing it free of charge. Every family deserves a quality family portrait and I will champion that for the Hatch’s.

Photo Credit: Jessica Musick, Ben Briones 


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Accidental Portraits – Ben Briones Studios 

Yesterday while searching for a set of photos I stumbled upon this cinematic portrait of my friend Maria Dolores Alvarado, which suites her well because Maria is a an actress, playwright, and dancer. 

Below you will find a color version of the shot which is the original rendition. I saw some magic in portrait so I decided to take it into photoshop and try salvage it with some heavy editing. 

I wonder if other photographers ever find accidental shots are gems and show them off too? I think what stood out most about this shot was the scene. As I mentioned before Maria is a performer so the latter in the background reminded me of a stage being setup and the lighting reminded me of the old black and white noir style film scenes. 

It’s crazy how a photographers mind works right? This shot was an accidental shot taken while setting up for Christmas photos back in December. 

Family Photo Shoot – Austin, Texas – Ben Briones Studios


In 2010 a friend of mine asked me to photograph their family. These beautiful photos were shot at the Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin, Texas. This family took me in as their own and I considered them my family away from home. The gentlemen you see in the shot actually help build the “Outhouse Photo Booth“.  I grew close to this family and I owe them a lot. I wish them lots of success and love!

Benoni Nunez Family_PRINT_BBP-261_FBBenoni Nunez Family_PRINT_BBP-270_FBBenoni Nunez Family_PRINT_BBP-277_FBBenoni Nunez Family_PRINT_BBP-284_FBBenoni Nunez Family_PRINT_BBP-292_FBBenoni Nunez Family_PRINT_BBP-296_FBBenoni Nunez Family_PRINT_BBP-298_FBBenoni Nunez Family_PRINT_BBP-299_FBBenoni Nunez Family_PRINT_BBP-301_FB

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