Miguel & Vanessa-Wedding-San Benito-Ben Briones Studios


Never have I attended a wedding more musical than this one here. Miguel and Vanessa are both powerhouses in the mariachi music scene here in the Rio Grande Valley. The bride has her own all female mariachi group named Mariachi Mariposas and the groom plays with an all male group named Mariachi Los Arrieros. Not only do they play but they also teach music!

The wedding took place at this small beautiful catholic church north of Edinburg, Texas. The brides brothers and his mariachi conducted the ceremony music. Vanessa looked stunning in her wedding gown. She has classic beauty. The groom, Miguel, looked super dapper in his blue fitted suit. Shortly after the wedding we took the couple and their bridal party to where they met, the UTPA now UTRGV, music department to take their formal photos.

It gets better. Once we got back to their wedding venue for the reception there were more musical surprises. Miguel and Vanessa’s mariachi’s groups put on a performance for the couple and their guest. It was truly a beautiful musical wedding.

Photo Credit: Jessica Musick, Ben Briones


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Rami & Sarah Wedding – McAllen, Texas -Ben Briones Studios

Rami has been one of my best friends since high school. We may not hangout daily, weekly or even see each other in months but the friendship we built is solid. I love he bro, he’s an amazing guy! So when I found out that he was a day or two away from his wedding and didn’t have a wedding photographer you best believe I threw myself at him. I wasn’t going to let my bro get married without have someone to capture his story. 

The wedding was intamite, elegant and so much fun. Sarah, you married a great guy! According to Rami it was very unplanned. He had told us it was going to be a court wedding and a dinner and this was practically a mini ball but it was awesome! 

I present to you my best friends wedding story through my eyes!

Ruby & Nathan-Wedding-Mission Tx -Riverside Club-Ben Briones Studios

Last year around this time in March  I photographed a beautiful spring wedding at the Riverside Club located in Mission, Texas. There’s three things I recall vividly from this wedding was the heat, the beautiful venue, and how happy this couple was!

This is the second wedding I have photographed at the Riverside Club. The colors were spot on for a sprint event. My favorite part of the wedding was how emotional everyone was. There was so much love and happiness.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Rios, Jessica Musick, Ben Briones

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Aaron & Chloe Wedding- Mcallen Texas – Ben Briones Studios

Aaron and Chloe’s Wedding was as a beautiful as anyone could imagine it. Aaron looked dapper in his suit and Chloe looked stunning in her white wedding gown. I had already photographed this couples engagement session and Chloe’s bridal session, so I knew this couple were going to look stunning together.

The couple married at the beautiful Our Lady of Sorrows Church in the heart of McAllen, Texas. After the ceremony we took portraits at the Nuevo Santander Gallery located on Main Street a minute or two from the church.

The party resumed at the couples wedding venue, The Social Club, in Edinburg, Texas. This venue is one of my favorite venues to photograph at because it’s not super huge and they always decorate it super well. Here the couple danced the night away and enjoyed their family and friends.

Photo Credit: Loudres Paz, Ben Briones

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Sara & Isidro Wedding – The Loretto Bistro – Mission, Texas


Last year on April 20th I photographed a wedding at The Loretto Bristo located on 1233 E Griffin Pkwy, Mission, TX 78572 for a rockstar bride. The venue was lovely, cute, and cozy. The Loretto Bristo is the perfect place for a spring wedding.

Sara and Isidro are such a great couple. You can see the excitement on both their faces that day. The brides dress was vintage and simple. The groom looks sharp in this gray tux. The wedding flowed so well because the venue has it’s own chapel-like setting right outside its dinner area so guest can walk out and in within a few feet. The venue was lightly decorated because honestly the house decor already made it a fabulous location.

One thing that really stuck out too was the food. It was flavorful and was served in a perfect portion. They also served coffee with the pastries, which was the cherry on top of it all. The couple also rented my photo booth so their guest and family can enjoy. To my surprise the Loretta Bristo has a this smaller room off to the left that we converted into the photo booth area. Everything worked out well.

Photo Credit: Carolina Solis, Ben Briones04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-1_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-6_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-10_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-14_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-18_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-26_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-27_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-32_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-34_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-39_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-43_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-50_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-54_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-65_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-71_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-98_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-108_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-110_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-134_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-166_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-168_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-168.1_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-180_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-183_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-186_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-197_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-201_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-207_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-215_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-217_FB04.20.16_HighRes_Sara&IsidroWedding_BBS-218_FB

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Shawn & Mandy Wedding – South Padre Island – Ben Briones Studios


The Kelley’s have been a longtime client of my studio. Truly since this I photographed their beautiful wedding. Today I wanted to share their South Padre Island wedding story with you. It has been since more than 4 years since the wedding but the photos are still so vibrant and relevant.

The wedding ceremony took place at the historic Chapel by the Sea located at 33425 State Park Rd 100, South Padre Island, TX. You could not ask for a more beautiful church for a wedding ceremony. Then the reception followed at the luxury hotel Blue Sapphire also found on the strip of South Padre Island, Texas.

This wedding will go down in my books as one of my all time favorite weddings of my career and this is why. The couple was just amazing to work with. Both Shawn and Mandy both believed in me, trusted my team, and gave us complete creative freedom. Secondly, Shawn and Mandy are one good looking couple and their baby girl is just gorgeous. A year or so ago I got to take their family photos at their dad’s ranch in San Antonio, Texas and they are just such a beautiful family. Lastly, the couple treated us like guest. They paid for our hotel at the beach resort, they treated us like guest throughout the wedding day and continued to treat me and my team like longterm friends years after their wedding day.

I don’t have many more words for this wedding because the photos themselves speak volumes and not because I and my team took them but because it was just such a special day!

Photo Credit: Ale Moreno, Ben BrionesShawn Mandy Wedding00002Shawn Mandy Wedding00003 Shawn Mandy Wedding00004Shawn Mandy Wedding00005Shawn Mandy Wedding00006Shawn Mandy Wedding00007Shawn Mandy Wedding00009Shawn Mandy Wedding00010Shawn Mandy Wedding00011Shawn Mandy Wedding00013Shawn Mandy Wedding00014Shawn Mandy Wedding00015Shawn Mandy Wedding00016Shawn Mandy Wedding00017Shawn Mandy Wedding00018Shawn Mandy Wedding00019Shawn Mandy Wedding00020Shawn Mandy Wedding00021Shawn Mandy Wedding00022Shawn Mandy Wedding00023Shawn Mandy Wedding00024Shawn Mandy Wedding00025Shawn Mandy Wedding00026Shawn Mandy Wedding00027Shawn Mandy Wedding00028Shawn Mandy Wedding00029Shawn Mandy Wedding00030Shawn Mandy Wedding00031Shawn Mandy Wedding00032Shawn Mandy Wedding00033Shawn Mandy Wedding00035Shawn Mandy Wedding00036Shawn Mandy Wedding00037Shawn Mandy Wedding00040Shawn Mandy Wedding00041Shawn Mandy Wedding00042Shawn Mandy Wedding00043Shawn Mandy Wedding00045

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Nancy & Danny Wedding | Valencia Event Center | Pharr Texas

Nancy and Danny’s wedding was so vivid and fun! Their wedding theme was The Beatles. From the sign-in canvas to the music you can feel the love for The Beatles at this very special event.

Nancy and I have been friends since 2005 or so. She and I were in JROTC together at Edinburg North High School. She was actually my Captain, so most of the time she was telling me what to do. That old friendship made this event much more special for her and for my team and I. There is usually a barrier between bride and vendor but this time around our friendship split that barrier.

Nancy and Danny choose to wed at the very elegant Valencia Event Center in Pharr, Texas As mentioned above it was a Beatles wedding for sure. The couple had an amazing local guitarist filling the ambiance with Beatles songs. Her decor was just perfect. Deep purple filled the room, a black and white Beatles movie played on the big screens and many of the guest wore John Lennon inspired glasses. It was a beautiful wedding.

Photo Credit: Jessica Musick, Ben Briones nancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-1_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-2_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-3_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-4_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-5_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-6_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-7_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-8_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-9_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-10_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-11_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-12_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-13_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-14_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-15_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-16_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-17_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-18_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-19_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-20_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-21_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-22_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-23_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-24_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-25_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-26_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-27_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-28_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-29_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-30_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-31_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-32_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-33_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-34_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-35_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-36_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-37_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-38_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-39_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-40_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-41_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-42_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-43_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-44_fbnancy-danny-wedding_blog_bbs-45_fb

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Efrain & Ruby Wedding – Houston, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

It was 9:00 P.M. Thursday night when I finished filming a wedding for a couple in Monte Alto, Texas. It was out in a ranch in the middle of nowhere but the setting was beautiful and intimate. As soon as I finished I packed my equipment and quickly drove en route to Edinburg, Texas where I was going to meet my team for the next wedding I had lined up. We had a wedding in Houston, Texas the next day at 4:00pm.

The overnight journey from the Rio Grande Valley to Houston, Texas was a very dark, sleepy but fun filled road trip. My team and I had a truck full of camera equipment and cups filled to the rim with caffeine to keeps us awake for the next five hours. We were blessed to have a place to stay at in Houston. A friend from church is currently enrolled in at Rice University.

We finally arrived at 4:00 A.M. and went straight to bed. The next morning we prepped all our gear and met up for lunch with a former client of mine turned photographer, Mrs. Nicole DeLeon. I treated the team to lunch and then we headed off to the ceremony location.

The church ceremony was held at this beautiful modern church! A photographers dream church. The bride looked so beautiful and the groom handsome as well. This was my first wedding in Houston, Texas and I was just rolling with the punches. We had a timeline of events but the best photos are produced when you just go with the flow!

Here is the story of Efrain + Ruby’s Wedding.

Photo Credit: Nicole DeLeon, Ben Briones
houston texas wedding photographer ben brione studios christian wedding jesus wedding Godly wedding ben briones photographer houston astros houston church houston wedding venue affordable wedding photography in houston texas outdoor wedding venue houston 02EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-5367 3EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-9988 4EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-5426 5EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-5443 6EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-5584 7EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-5629 8EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-0107 9EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-5707 010EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-5743 011EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-0127 012EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-5859 013EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-5824 014EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-0258 EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-0175 EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-5952 EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-6165 EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-6265 EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-6323 EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-6327 EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-6372 EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-6433 EfrainRubyWedding_BLOG_BBS-6581


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Jesus & Maria Wedding – Port Arthur, Texas – Ben Briones Studios


There are a handful of times that I get to travel out of town to document a special event. I got to photograph this intimate wedding at Port Arthur, Texas and it’s really thanks to my friend Rocio Granados. It as definitely a work trip for the books.

The drive to Beaumont, Texas was brutal but worth it. I drove for 6 hours and 31 minutes or 430.3 miles to shoot an intimate wedding  with over 70 guest, where I only knew one. When I finally arrived, I actually stood outside of my host’s house front door for 30 minutes before they let me in. It was around 3:45am when I finally laid my head to rest and hug a stuffed unicorn to sleep. The next morning I woke up to a little girl staring at me asking her mom why I was on her bed. It was like a scene out of a movie. Regardless of the 4 hours that I slept I was ready for a new work experience, so I got out of bed and got ready.

The clients were friends of Rocio, who at the time was working for my studio, so she was the main point of communication for the newlyweds. I know I was going to be a stranger at this event but honestly I truly felt welcomed by the couple and their guest Rocio took the time to introduce me to everyone. I documented the usual we see at weddings; the ring exchange, the kiss, the bouquet toss, the cake cutting and then the games… Yes, games. Games like musical chairs accompanied by “el pollito” for who loss. That evening I found out I was pretty good a musical chairs because they made me participate and I ended up wining. Yet, I still had to do “el pollito” dance as you will see in the last photo.

Photo Credit: Rocio Granado, Ben BrionesMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-5_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-6_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-9_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-12_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-17_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-18_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-27_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-29_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-42_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-65_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-75_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-85_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-88_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-89_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-91_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-93_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-102_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-116_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-132_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-144_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-146_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-150_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-152_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-154_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-155_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-160_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-163_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-170_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-177_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-180_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-193_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-238_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-241_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-248_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-249_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-264_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-268_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-272_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-284_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-286_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-288_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-295_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-345_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-353_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-359_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-371_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-407_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-467_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-473_FBMariaJesusWedding_HighRes_BenBrionesStudios-439_FB

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Joanna & Wilson Wedding – Valencia Event Center – Ben Briones Studios

I first met Joanna and Wilson at a Weslaco, Texas Starbucks late on a Wednesday night. It was the only time they could meet before they had to fly back to New York. The meeting was quite long because we just got along so well. The best device in business is trust and that is what we were building coffee in hand.

Trust then becomes a photographers best arsenal. To have someone and their family trust you to document one of their most important moments in their lives is such a privilege. Joanna and Wilson are both so sweet. Since the couple lives in New York, our communication was restricted to email and text, but when the big day finally arrived it was as if we had spent a lot of time together. My team and I felt very comfortable with these special clients.

Wilson patrols the bay as a National Guard and Joanna beautifies and enlightens women as a professional makeup artist. The couple had a traditional wedding at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church in McAllen, Texas. Soon after the celebration continued at one of my favorite wedding venues, the Valencia Event Center in Pharr, Texas. This is were all the fun and love collided spread like wildfire and created art or what we call wedding photography.

Photo Credit: Jessica Musick, Ben Briones

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