The Posing Stool – Ben Briones Studios

THE POSING STOOL  If you own a photo studio or have worked in a photo studio you well know that the the posing stool is probably one of your most important tools in your studio. Here are 3 reasons why the posing stool is a must for studio photographers. Reason One Having a posing stool in yourContinue reading “The Posing Stool – Ben Briones Studios”

Pelican Cases = Successful Photographer

My Pelican 1510 loaded and ready for work. I’ve been using Pelican Products since 2011 and the products have been part of my success as a professional photographer. I bought my first Pelican Case on Sunday, May 22, 2011 from B & H Photo and Video. I proudly purchased the Pelican 1654 Waterproof 1650 Case with paddingContinue reading “Pelican Cases = Successful Photographer”

The importance of Pre-production for a high profile portrait!

A week ago at work (South Texas College) I was assigned to photograph the college president. The school president’s schedule is always very tight. I got lucky that she was already going to be taking photos with The Monitor Newspaper in the morning so I was able to piggy-back on that. She was scheduled toContinue reading “The importance of Pre-production for a high profile portrait!”

Dimitra Hernandez – Flashpoint eVOLV 200 Daylight Test – McAllen, Texas

A few months back I tested  the eVOLV 200 in straight 12:00pm daylight with and without a diffuser to see if it can be used during high-noon and these are the results from that product test photo shoot. Special thanks to my coworker and friend Dimitra for modeling for this product test. I have alsoContinue reading “Dimitra Hernandez – Flashpoint eVOLV 200 Daylight Test – McAllen, Texas”

Photography Lesson with Edna – McAllen, Texas

Photography Lesson: Composition A while back I met up with my good friend Edna, who is an amazing photographer, to do a photography lesson on composition. To be honest I don’t know why she does lessons with me because her work is amazing already but I’ll take any moment to teach anyone who’s passionate aboutContinue reading “Photography Lesson with Edna – McAllen, Texas”

Location Scouting – Sara Yanez – McAllen Convention Center

Here are some outtakes from a location scouting shoot. We had a photo shoot scheduled at the McAllen Convention Center for a quince that evening and I wanted to test the lighting, backdrops and angles so when our client showed up it would be super smooth. I believe location scouting is an important part ofContinue reading “Location Scouting – Sara Yanez – McAllen Convention Center”

Photography Lesson – Student Jennifer Trevino – Model: Paula Ysasi – Ben Briones Studios

Last Friday I gave an off-camera flash lesson to my student Jennifer. She had recently bought a new studio light and wanted to learn how to use it. My friend Paula was kind enough to volunteer to our model and she got a free photo shoot out of it! Some of the things we wentContinue reading “Photography Lesson – Student Jennifer Trevino – Model: Paula Ysasi – Ben Briones Studios”

Photography Lesson at Balanced Brew Coffee – McAllen, Texas

Last week on Thursday a friend, Audrie Barrera, and I had a private photography lesson at Balanced Brew Coffee in McAllen, Texas. Audrie is a videographer and owns Audrie Barrera Films, where she focuses on commercial videography and special events. She has also been dabbing into photography by request of her clients so we hadContinue reading “Photography Lesson at Balanced Brew Coffee – McAllen, Texas”

Photography Lessons with Sara Yanez – McAllen Convention Center

Understanding exposure is important when learning photography. A few weekends ago Sara and I went to the McAllen Convention Center so that she could practice photography. So that the lessons could be as accurate as possible we had the same camera setup; Canon 60D with the Canon EF28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens. We also used aContinue reading “Photography Lessons with Sara Yanez – McAllen Convention Center”

Local Talent Spotlight – Graphic Designer | Photographer – Maripili Menchaca 

Local Graphic Designer, Social Media Strategist, Photographer and creative Calligrapher, Maripili Menchaca was my go to person for this special project. When my client asked if I could provide photos from our Quinceañera session to create ninety plus unique party favors on 3-inch round wood pieces for their actual event to give away to theirContinue reading “Local Talent Spotlight – Graphic Designer | Photographer – Maripili Menchaca “

How To Download Your High-Res Photos from Dropbox – Ben Briones Studios

We have been using Dropbox more and more to share your beautiful images with your much quicker than traditional media like DVDs and USBs. I have noticed some people still need help navigating how to download your files. You do not need a Dropbox account to download your images. I created this short easy-to-follow videoContinue reading “How To Download Your High-Res Photos from Dropbox – Ben Briones Studios”

Top 5 Wedding Planning Advice – by newly wed Ruby Salinas

Top 5 Wedding Planning Advice – by newly wed Ruby Salinas First of all, congratulations on your engagement! Isn’t God just too good? Here are a few tips that will help you as you enter this journey of wedding planning: Pray! Pray! Pray! Prayer is powerful and the Bible mentions in James 5:16 that theContinue reading “Top 5 Wedding Planning Advice – by newly wed Ruby Salinas”

Instagram; how to extend your brand!

As photographers, Instagram should be a must-have app on your mobile device! It really helps tame the urge to shoot because we now have an outlet to photography on the daily! Now for the professional photographers who are looking to use Instagram for both pleasure and business; the thought process of posting images becomes muchContinue reading “Instagram; how to extend your brand!”