Morgan Mills – Quince Portraits – South Padre Island, Texas

Anyone ever done a 4am photo shoot at South Padre Island? It’s a lot of fun especially if you are professional photographer. The colors are beautiful and capturing an image like that for your client is such a treat! The sky from sunrise and on on a beautiful morning at beach front will always getContinue reading “Morgan Mills – Quince Portraits – South Padre Island, Texas”

Michele Garcia Bridal’s – Archer Park – McAllen, Texas

In 2011 my business was growing fast and we were doing a lot of great work for our clients. I was discovering a lot of new shoot locations and for this bridal we took the risk and used two very accessible and public locations, which is not typical for bridal sessions. These days I amContinue reading “Michele Garcia Bridal’s – Archer Park – McAllen, Texas”

Hernandez Family – McAllen Convention Center – Ben Briones Studios

Family is extremely important and the Hernandez family know that! I took the beautiful family photos of Sabrina and her family back in the day, when the McAllen Convention Center wasn’t such a hot spot for photo shoots. Since this family session this family has come to me for various milestones in their lives suchContinue reading “Hernandez Family – McAllen Convention Center – Ben Briones Studios”

Joanna & Carlos – Quinta Mazlatan – Ben Briones Studios

Imagine meeting that person that makes your laugh, cry and get extremely angry! Imaging loving that person to death but trying really hard not to kill them when they get your mad. I had the pleasure of photographing this couple who might feel all those things listed above. Joanna and Carlos are truly super inContinue reading “Joanna & Carlos – Quinta Mazlatan – Ben Briones Studios”

Open Vision – McAllen, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

Check out their music! If you are looking for musician portraits please fill out the contact form below.

Nancy & Danny Wedding – Pharr, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

Nancy and Danny’s wedding was so vivid and fun! Their wedding theme was The Beatles. From the sign-in canvas to the music you can feel the love for The Beatles at this very special event. Nancy and I have been friends since 2005 or so. She and I were in JROTC together at Edinburg North HighContinue reading “Nancy & Danny Wedding – Pharr, Texas – Ben Briones Studios”

Amazonas MMA Gym – Edinburg, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

There is nothing better than seeing your friends succeed and better yet to see those who have also been your clients. On November 18, 2016 my clients Guilherme Farias Da Costa and Isabel Da Costa hosted their grand opening for their new gym Amazonas MMA Gym in Edinburg, Texas. Amazonas MMA Gym offers training in MMA, BJJ,Continue reading “Amazonas MMA Gym – Edinburg, Texas – Ben Briones Studios”

Legacy – Ben Briones

 Today I have decided to finalize the thought of signing my printed photographs in order to achieve a life long goal of being a house hold name of photography in the Rio Grande Valley.  I will for this day forward sign every single print that leaves my office so that it be made clear whoContinue reading “Legacy – Ben Briones”