Mistakes of a Photographer – Ben Briones Studios

As a business owner without any formal education you tend to learn things the hard way. In my career as a professional photographer I have made many mistakes. This blog post is to share my experiences and how I was able to overcome those mistakes. There are four important things as a business owner youContinue reading “Mistakes of a Photographer – Ben Briones Studios”

Good or Bad, A Review Is Good Business For You!

How valuable are reviews to your photography business?  I would say that having good reviews or any type of reviews, rather they be good or bad, is extremely important to your business and to your potential client. A good review assures you that you’re fulfilling your responsibilities and allows potential clients to see that you’reContinue reading “Good or Bad, A Review Is Good Business For You!”

Why I am paying $2071 more in taxes for my business than last year!

Here are the numbers plain and simple: Ben Briones Photography cleared $60,000 in our second year as an LLC, as compared to $24,000 from last year — baby steps, but we’re moving. So, let’s get to the juicy goosey part, which is preparing your business for tax season and organizing all your numbers. When I first startedContinue reading “Why I am paying $2071 more in taxes for my business than last year!”