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When you are running a full-time photography business, the main goal is to stay on top of all your work and make income. The myth that better gear will make you more money is somewhat true, but only if the gear you are investing in will make your business more effective, efficient, and productive and ultimately lowering your overhead.

Lately there has been a huge increase in new cool trendy photography products. A lot of them have been making their debut via For those who don’t know what Kickstart is here is a quick summary; Kickstarter is a company that helps people with projects or prototype inventions obtain crowdfunding to help them finance their projects and ideas.

The three products that I am featuring today are some Kickstarter campaigns I have kept my eye on for quite some time now. Why, because it’s my personal belief that these products are solutions to some issues and struggles I and many professional photographers face these days. The Tekniq Camera Bag for starters would completely solve the whole multiple camera bag dilemma we all have. Super pros like Chase Jarvis can afford to have multiple pre-packed gear packs ready for any type of job, but us little guys struggle with choosing to take our backpack or Pelican case to a small wedding. We are constantly having to change out gear from one carrying case to another. I currently own about four different camera gear casings that are not even close to being compatible with each other like the Tekniq Camera Bag. Over the seven years I have been in business, I have acquired a lot of gear so I don’t think one of these cases will fully solve that issue but I think purchasing one or two can really help me be more effective, efficient, and productive. Check out the Tekniq Camera Bag, it might be something beneficial for you!

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The Beast Grip Pro got me real excited when I first found this kickstarter campaign. I am a huge advocate of using your smart phone for projects and jobs if the situation requires it. At my last job, I created a small testimonial-promo video using my iPhone 5. Check it out here: 2015 Subaru BRZ Purchase. Right after filming that little promo I regretting not getting one of these sooner. The Beast Grip Pro will take your smart phonetography to the next level.

Chase Jarvis called it when he began working on his book The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You: iPhone Photography. Today Apple has build their latest campaign for the iPhone 6 based off the image quality of the camera of their device.

You might be asking how will this product help me be more effective, efficient, and productive in my photography business? Well, for starters the The Beast Grip pro is so versitle you can interchange lenses from both Nikon and Canon. There are plenty of additional add-on widgets that allow you modify your setup for both professional video and photography. This product can hep you do quick video blogs, behind the scene captures, quick on-the-go interviews all without having the bulk and struggle of your “pro” gear. We may not take this type of setup to a professional job as our main shooting unit, but it will definitely be a plus to your production and marketing for your business and for that very reason is why I will be getting a Beast Grip Pro.

beast grip pro




I have so many good things to say about this product and it’s potential to make our lives easier as professional photographers. The Panlight is definitely a time issue solving solution, especially for us who use off-camera strobe lighting. This beauty allows your to remotely control the direction of your light via remote control. That function alone can come in handy at big events like weddings and catwalk fashion shows. The struggle to raise your light to a high point on your light stand and only to find out the direction of the light is not where you want it to be falling.

The Panlight can also remotely control a camera, which is extremely helpful for videographers and commercial photographers. Definitely an effective, efficient and productive product for both professional photographers and videographers.






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Sara Yanez – GoFundMe – Ben Briones Studios


Sara Yanez and I became friends about two-years ago because she knew a client of mine. I had taken some portraits of a good friend of mine named Roxy Rivera, Sara and her were both classmates at the University of Texas Pan-American so somehow my work of Roxy came across Sara’s view and we connected. Today Sara and I have continued to stay in touch and we give God thanks for our friendship.

One day Sara began telling me about her dreams and aspirations of becoming a christian singer. From what I knew about her she was already on her way there. Ms. Sara Yanez is a pastor and worship leader at her church New Hope Christian Fellowship Weslaco. She has given all her efforts in pursing a degree in music education from UTPA and now she has invested in a training program called AMTC (Actors Models & Talent for Christ), which is a non-profit ministry dedicated to making good bolder in film, fashion, music and theater.

Sara commissioned me to create this special video for her so that she can present on her GoFundMe account and promote on her social media accounts. Sara’s goal is to penetrate the entertainment industry and change the world for Christ and I am one-hundred-percent for her goal to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her many talents. Today I urge you to donate what God has put in your heart to help this beautiful talented young lady reach her goals of representing Jesus Christ with her God-given-talents.




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