Cynthia Flores Bridal – Encino, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

So much love for this gorgeous bride! Cynthia Cameron (now Flores) thank you so much becoming my friend, being a Sister-in-Christ, and just overall trusting me to capture some of the most beautiful milestones in your life. I always tell all my clients that you have to love your photographer and us a photographers haveContinue reading “Cynthia Flores Bridal – Encino, Texas – Ben Briones Studios”

First Communion – Edinburg, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

Happy mother’s day to this beautiful Mom. She has to be one of the proudest mothers today!  There is nothing more important than for a mother to see her children seeking The Lord. God’s greatest gift to a mother is her children and I was blessed today with the opportunity to photograph this special dayContinue reading “First Communion – Edinburg, Texas – Ben Briones Studios”

Vanessa Reyna & Michael Rodriguez Wedding – Edinburg, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

Vanessa and Michael have been one of my best clients. These two are such sweat hearts and when you are around them you can just feel the dynamic between them! The couple put their complete trust in me and I felt very honored to capture the next chapter in their lives. There was a pointContinue reading “Vanessa Reyna & Michael Rodriguez Wedding – Edinburg, Texas – Ben Briones Studios”