Cadenas Invisibles – Latino Theatre Initiatives – Alton, Texas

Cadenas Invisibles is a play by Latino Theatre Initiatives in collaboration with Buffet-McCain Initiative to combat modern slavery. If you would like to them to preform at your event please contact Maria Dolores Alvarado.

Here are some shots from one of their more recent performances the Alton, Texas.

03.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-964603.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-964803.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-965703.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-969903.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-970803.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-971403.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-973603.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-974703.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-975903.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-976803.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-977603.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-977803.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-978303.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-978403.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-978803.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-979003.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-979803.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-980703.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-981103.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-982003.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-982603.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-982803.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-983303.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-983503.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-983703.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-983803.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-984603.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-984703.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-984803.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-985603.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-986003.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-986603.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-987103.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-987503.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-987903.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-988603.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-989303.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-989503.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-990003.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-990403.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-991803.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-992903.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-993903.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-994503.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-995303.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-995403.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-996203.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-997603.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-998303.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-998703.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-999103.25.19_WEB_Gardens Invisible - Latino Theatre Initiative_BBS-9996

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Folklorico – McAllen Performing Arts Center – Ben Briones Studios

Every once in a while I get to shoot some crazy cool events and a few year back I was asked to photograph this Folklorico performance that took place at the McAllen Performing Arts Center. Please take a look at my favorite shots from this event. STC Folklorico_01.30.18-1_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-4_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-6_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-11_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-14_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-17_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-20_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-23_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-28_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-33_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-38_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-40_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-44_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-48_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-51_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-60_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-64_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-68_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-73_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-75_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-77_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-79_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-81_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-86_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-90_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-94_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-99_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-101_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-102_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-106_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-110_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-114_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-120_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-124_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-126_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-137_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-145_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-151_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-152_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-153_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-158_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-162_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-166_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-170_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-172_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-183_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-185_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-187_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-191_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-193_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-200_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-208_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-213_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-220_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-221_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-222_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-229_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-236_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-238_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-244_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-253_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-254_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-261_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-268_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-271_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-277_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-278_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-290_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-292_WEBSTC Folklorico_01.30.18-295_WEB

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Dandy Heat – Yerberia Cultura – McAllen, Texas – Ben Briones Studios


In the summer I took some photos of my friends band performing at Yerberia Cultura in McAllen, Texas. Osmar and Joseph, the guitarist and bassist, are coworkers of mine at South Texas College. They didn’t hire me to photograph this show but I thought it would be nice to get them some great live shots for their brand. I had photographed an album cover for them a while back and thought photographing their show would add some more value to them because they are a very talented band. Here are my favorite shots from this show.

07.03.18_high res_dandy heat show_bbs-000307.03.18_high res_dandy heat show_bbs-000907.03.18_high res_dandy heat show_bbs-012307.03.18_high res_dandy heat show_bbs-013407.03.18_high res_dandy heat show_bbs-017107.03.18_high res_dandy heat show_bbs-019007.03.18_high res_dandy heat show_bbs-019907.03.18_high res_dandy heat show_bbs-029007.03.18_high res_dandy heat show_bbs-0291

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PSJA Elementary School Choir Festival – Pharr, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

Very proud of my Sara for the performance her kids put on at the annual Elementary Choir Holiday Festival for PSJA ISD. She’s such an amazing music teacher and great choir instructor! Here are some fun memories from this event.


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Gabi and Daniela Dance Performance – Edinburg North High School Performing Art Center- Edinburg, Texas Ben Briones Studios


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Musicademy Summer Concert – McAllen, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9762_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9729_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9720_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9672_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9665_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9648_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9640_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9637_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9626_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9622_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9566_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9563_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9560_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9535_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9518_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9514_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9510_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9497_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9495_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9489_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9484_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9472_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9466_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9435_WEB07.18.16_HighRest_Musicademy Summer Concert-9425_WEB

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Fashion Re-purposed: For Thrifts-sake – McAllen, Tx – Ben Briones Studios

Fashion Repurposed for Thrifts sake, a Creative Call to Action event, was hosted by Victoria Lopez and Mark Hanna in support of Mujeres Unidas at the McAllen Creative museum. Victoria Lopez is an Author/Poet & Founder of CC2A and Mark Hanna, Business Consultant/Motivational Speaker. Creative Call to Action is a RGV based organization that helps young talented artists get a leg up in the community. Last night CC2A gave 5 young minds a runway to show off their styling skills. Each contestant had only 30 minutes to sift through a pile of thrift clothes and come up with fashionable outfits for 6 randomly picked models. The looks they came up with truly blew the crowd away.

Seems Fuentes -Food blogger [The RGV Foodster], Sarah Davila – Fashion Blogger [956 Blog], Mireya Mendoza, Melissa Vega, and Straylooks deserve a standing ovation for their stylistic talents. The audience ranked Seen’s line to be the line in the night, they all won a series of prizes. The night didn’t end there.

Featured artists artists of the month were Diana Olivares and Josue Ramirez. Josue had built and installation in the creative center called “Piñata Abstract” and designed a series of outfits out of art supplies. Be sure to keep an eye out for these rising stars.

Photo Credit: Jessica Musick

07.01.16_HighRes_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1231_FB_BBS_BLOG07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1643_FB_BBS_BLOG07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1413_FB_BBS_BLOG07.01.16_BLOG_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1088_FB_BBS_BLOG07.01.16_HighRes_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1414_FB_BBS_BLOG07.01.16_HighRes_Fashion Re-purposed_BBS-1639_FB_BBS_BLOG

Angels of Love “Real Women of RGV” Fashion Show – Mission, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to be an official sponsor of Angels of Love “Real Women of RGV” Fashion Show at La Mansion Event Center in Mission, Texas. Being my first fashion show in the RGV, I was astounded by the glamorous women in their beautiful outfits and the talented performances that took place.

We were invited by Irma Garcia, the coordinator of the lovely event, who is also a good close friend of Ben Briones. Irma and her now husband actually hired Ben Briones Studios to photograph their wedding back in 2012. Angels of Love is a charitable foundation centered on helping abused and neglected children. This, being the first of an annual event, was in efforts to raise funds to build the valley’s very own shelter for displaced women and children.

The elegant and entertaining night included dance numbers, the nationally acclaimed Abraham Lezama, a fashion runway full of models and real women of the RGV. The night  was made possible by sponsors and vendors who provided services and items for auction;  CATO Fashions, Step It Up & Dance, Wells of Weslaco, Spa La Posada, Torrid, Backdoor Vintage, Lionel’s Western Wear, Barbara Boutique, paid trips to basketball games, and other items. Most importantly was the effort by all these vendors and sponsors to come together and execute such a wonderful event were the proceeds were going to such a beautiful cause. We present to you a few snippets of the event. You can find more images here at this link:  Angels of Love “Real Women of RGV” Fashion Show at La Mansion Event Center in Mission, Texas.

Photo Credit: Ben Briones, Jessica Musick 

Written by Jessica Musick, office manager and assistant photographer at Ben Briones Studios 5-21-15_WEB_AngelsofLove-9709 ben briones photography ben briones studios mcallen wedding photographer la mansion mission ballroom5-21-15_WEB_AngelsofLove-97995-21-15_WEB_AngelsofLove-21185-21-15_WEB_AngelsofLove-21115-21-15_WEB_AngelsofLove-98975-21-15_WEB_AngelsofLove-25175-21-15_WEB_AngelsofLove-24225-21-15_WEB_AngelsofLove-24075-21-15_WEB_AngelsofLove-23625-21-15_WEB_AngelsofLove-22415-21-15_WEB_AngelsofLove-01945-21-15_WEB_AngelsofLove-01395-21-15_WEB_AngelsofLove-0080Ben Briones Studios McAllen Photographer RGV Jessica Musick Photography Edinburg Texas Fashion Show Angels of Love Real Women of the RGV Rio Grande Valley Mission Texas Charity5-21-15_WEB_AngelsofLove-2560mission texas la mansion ballroom rgv wedding ballroom

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