Corina and Friends – Prom Photo Session – McAllen, Texas

This Saturday we had a really fun time photographing these beautiful and classy young people before their prom!  If I could sum up the overall experience of this session with four words, they would be: laughter, style, boldness, and friendship.

This group of friends looked amazing and really rocked their personalities into their photo shoot! Not once did they hold back from trying the poses we suggested to them.  They even added their own style to them! From standing poses to impromptu cat-walking to Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love”, this group totally had fun and got creative with us!
Close to the end of the photo shoot, one of the girls sat down to rest for a bit on one of the McAllen Bcycles. We thought that looked pretty cool so we took the opportunity to capture that moment with all of them. Little did we know that Mr. Robert de Leon, Program Manager for the city’s first-ever bike share system McAllen Bcycle, was there at that moment. He really liked the idea and took a picture of us as well!  A very cool way to wrap up the photo shoot!
Thank you, Miranda, Ana, Corina, and Marcos for choosing us, Ben Briones Studios, to capture your Prom photos!  Photo Credit: Lourdes Paz
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Armando and Laura – Mission, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

I will never forget the day I met Armando and Laura because they came into my office with such excitement. Honestly, the treatment was celebrity-like and it made my heart super happy.

These junior high sweet hearts requested a special engagement session. Because they met at work and are so passionate about their careers, we felt we just had to plan the session on their school campus to express their story further.

The one question I always ask my couples before planning an engagement photo session is, “Where did you both meet?” I ask because sometimes taking them back to that specific location will rekindle special memories giving them confidence and tranquility. In the end, the result is more memorable and natural photos.

In this photo session Armando and Laura flirted on the school library floor, posed under the infamous school clock (that always reminded us of being five minutes late to class), and ran through the hallways hand-in-hand. We then we kicked it up a notch and took some more personal/intimate photos in each of their classrooms.

I present to you this very special and unique engagement session.
ben briones studios mcallen wedding photographer ArmandoLaura_2_BenBrionesStudios ArmandoLaura_3_BenBrionesStudios




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