PSJA Elementary School Choir Festival – Pharr, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

Very proud of my Sara for the performance her kids put on at the annual Elementary Choir Holiday Festival for PSJA ISD. She’s such an amazing music teacher and great choir instructor! Here are some fun memories from this event.


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Shaila and Jose Luis Wedding – Pharr, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

04.28.18_PRINT_Shaila and Jose Luis_BBS-3272_WEB04.28.18_PRINT_Shaila and Jose Luis_BBS-3330_WEB04.28.18_PRINT_Shaila and Jose Luis_BBS-3434_WEB04.28.18_PRINT_Shaila and Jose Luis_BBS-3530_WEB04.28.18_PRINT_Shaila and Jose Luis_BBS-3573_WEB04.28.18_PRINT_Shaila and Jose Luis_BBS-3824_WEB04.28.18_PRINT_Shaila and Jose Luis_BBS-5406_WEB04.28.18_PRINT_Shaila and Jose Luis_BBS-5378_WEB04.28.18_PRINT_Shaila and Jose Luis_BBS-5439_WEB04.28.18_PRINT_Shaila and Jose Luis_BBS-5412_WEB04.28.18_PRINT_Shaila and Jose Luis_BBS-4198_WEB04.28.18_PRINT_Shaila and Jose Luis_BBS-4349_WEB

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Boys and Girls Club of Pharr – Head Shots – Ben Briones Studios

The Boys and Girls Club is near and dear to my heart. I volunteered and briefly worked at the Edinburg, Texas Boys and Girls Club before moving to Austin to attend The University of Texas at Austin. I was under the leadership of Sabrina Walker-Hernandez and Freddy Mata (featured here). I work a lot with the Boys and Girls Club of Edinburg but not afraid to assist and help other clubs around the Rio Grande Valley.

When I got the call that the Boys and Girls Club of Pharr was in need of professional head shots and some group photos I immediately did my best to provide them a fair price get the ball rolling on getting signed. Well, lo and behold here are the results of their leadership team head shots. 03.28.18_PRINT_Boys and Girls Pharr_BBS-030_pp_WEB03.28.18_PRINT_Boys and Girls Pharr_BBS-108_pp_pp_WEB

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Cristella & Louis Wedding – Valencia Event Center – Pharr, Texas

Cristella and Louis are the sweetest couple you will ever meet! It gives us great joy to have documented such a beautiful wedding. The venue couldn’t have been anymore perfect. The ceremony took place right when the sun was going down giving the couple such beautiful golden light.

Cristella and Louis live in Austin, Texas so most of my communication with them through phone or email, so I never really had the chance to host them at my office and get to know them. It wasn’t until I scheduled an engagement photo shoot in Austin with them that I really got to see their personality and dynamic as a couple. Their fun and inviting personality carried over to their wedding day, which made for great fun photos.

Here are some of our favorite shots from Cristella and Louis Wedding. Enjoy!
Photo Credit: Lourdes Paz, Ben Briones 1_Louis Cristella Wedding_BBS-4934_WEB2_Louis Cristella Wedding_BBS-7079_WEB3_PRINT_Louis Cristella Wedding_BBS-5114_WEB4_PRINT_Louis Cristella Wedding_BBS-7276_WEB5_PRINT_Louis Cristella Wedding_BBS-7337_WEB6_PRINT_Louis Cristella Wedding_BBS-7377_WEB7_PRINT_Louis Cristella Wedding_BBS-5363_WEB8_Louis Cristella Wedding_BBS-5366_WEB9_Louis Cristella Wedding_BBS-7584_WEB10_Louis Cristella Wedding_BBS-5614_WEB11_Louis Cristella Wedding_BBS-5428_WEB12_Louis Cristella Wedding_BBS-5674_WEB13_Louis Cristella Wedding_BBS-5688_WEB14_PRINT_Louis Cristella Wedding_BBS-5708_WEB15_PRINT_Louis Cristella Wedding_BBS-5867_WEB16_Louis Cristella Wedding_BBS-5895_WEB17_Louis Cristella Wedding_BBS-5924_WEB18_Louis Cristella Wedding_BBS-5836_WEB

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Curry Wedding – Pharr, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

We had such a great time at this beautiful wedding! The Curry’s are such lovely people and super in love, which made the wedding that more wonderful. The couple got married at Resurrection Church in Alamo, Texas and they had their reception at Colonial Event Center in Pharr, Texas.

The couple had a lovely ceremony with a lot of emotions and filled with family and friends. Soon after the ceremony we took the couple and their family to a new venue in Donna, Texas known as the Hummingbird Estates for their formal portraits. Then the night continued with the reception at Colonial Event Center where the couple had their first dance and enjoyed the company of their guests. Enjoy some of our favorite shots from this wedding.

Photo credit: Sara Yanez, Lourdes Paz, Ben Briones07.15.17_Curry Wedding_BBS-6839_BLOG07.15.17_Curry Wedding_BBS-8913_BLOG07.15.17_Curry Wedding_BBS-2-4_BLOG07.15.17_Curry Wedding_BBS-2-34_BLOG

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Amy & Rakesh – Engagement – Mission, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

In this blog post you will find three things I love the most in the whole wide world. That is; photography, love, and coffee. I photographed this good looking loving couple a few months back and I have am super in love with these images. Amy and Rakesh are young professionals with such a unique love story.

According to Rakesh he met Amy at a coffee shop in Atlanta, Georgia. He made the move to go up and talk to her and know they are to be in a union forever. These young professionals have such a beautiful relationship that is a blurred line between two best friends and lovers.

I love this photo shoot so much because it’s so stylistic without anyone styling anything. It just fell right into place with all color pallets, composition and locations. Memory Lane Photo Spot is always such a beautiful place to shoot at. Secondly, LOVE was truly in the air because this couple just radiated it and then I photographed this session together with my Sara, who is a wonderful assistant. Lastly, Sara and I found a couple who loves coffee as much as we do and we had the pleasure of photographing them at Moonbeans Coffee in Pharr, Texas.

I present to you one of my favorite engagement sessions I have photographed in 2016. 04.02.16_HighRes_AmyRakesh_BenBrioneStudios-7364_FB04.02.16_HighRes_AmyRakesh_BenBrioneStudios-7414_FB04.02.16_HighRes_AmyRakesh_BenBrioneStudios-7520_FB04.02.16_HighRes_AmyRakesh_BenBrioneStudios-7528_FB04.02.16_HighRes_AmyRakesh_BenBrioneStudios-7712_FB04.02.16_HighRes_AmyRakesh_BenBrioneStudios-7835_FB04.02.16_HighRes_AmyRakesh_BenBrioneStudios-7865_FB04.02.16_HighRes_AmyRakesh_BenBrioneStudios-7938_FB04.02.16_HighRes_AmyRakesh_BenBrioneStudios-7978_FB



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Deedee & Manny Wedding – Mcallen, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

This couple has been one of the dopest couples I have ever met and this is why… Here are the ABC’s on why they rock!

A. Their personality and dynamic as both individuals and as a couple rock! Super fun to be around and relatable. I found myself always laughing when around them. B. They live in Austin, Texas and that’s were we chose to take their engagement photos. For those who don’t know I went to school at The University of Texas at Austin and consider that my “third home”, SA being my second, and the RGV my first of course. But anyways…I photographed them in Austin at some very cool and special places to me and them. C. I gained two new friends. My best friend Imanol Miranda had a photography art show in Austin and I invited Deedee & Manny, and they actually went, which was pretty awesome. They also met my other best friends and had a good time.

All these little events make for big memories. Thank you guys for allowing my team and I to play a part of another special time in your lives. The couple had a beautiful ceremony at St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church in Pharr, Texas, which followed by an elegant reception at the Valencia Event Center located at 3012 S Jackson Rd, McAllen, TX 78503.

I present to you some of my favorite photos from Deedee & Manny’s Wedding!

Photo Credit: Steph Rios, Ben Briones

001_FB002_FB003_FB004_FB005_FB006_FB007_FB008_FB009010_FB011_FB013_FB014_FB015_FB016_FB017_FB018_FB019_FB020_FB021_FB022_FBIMG_0132_FBIMG_0173_FBIMG_0246_FBIMG_0288_FBIMG_0306 102_FBIMG_0368_FBIMG_0374_FBIMG_0406_FBIMG_0445_FBIMG_0470_FBIMG_0506_FBIMG_0513 249_FBIMG_0514 250_FBIMG_0545 281_FBIMG_90000_FB

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Client Review

I recommend Ben 110%! Ben is awesome. He was our photographer for our engagement session and wedding (Stephanie Rios assisted and is great, too). Ben is a professional in every way possible. He’s detailed oriented, skilled and takes the time to get to know you. I had several vendors at my wedding and Ben was by far the best, easiest person to work with. Ben can direct you on how to pose, but can also take excellent candid photos. Book him!

Chick-Fil-A – Pharr, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

One day I was enjoying an awesome lunch at the new Chick-Fil-A in Pharr, Texas. I had my computer out and some hard drives on the table working away on the latest work. A Chick-Fil-A employee came up to my table and asked if I was doing well then asked what I was doing. I told her I was a photographer and working on some photos and videos for my clients. She took interest and kept asking more questions.

Little did I know that the store owner was sitting right behind me and overhead our conversation. He asked me for a business card and said one of these days he may need some photos to help promote the store. We set a meeting to discuss what was needed and agreed on shooting a breakfast, lunch and dinner sessions with the store guest. Talk about divine meetings! Praise God!

The photos you are seeing today are from the breakfast session at the Chick-Fil-A Pharr, Texas.

Go, Go, Go! This Chick-Fil-A is located at 2023 Interstate Highway 2 Pharr,TX 78577.chick fil a pharr texas ben briones studios mcallen texas photographer 02.25.16_FB_Chick-Fil-A Pharr_Ben Briones Studios-2_FB_BBS chick fil a pharr texas ben briones studios mcallen texas photographer chick fil a pharr texas ben briones studios mcallen texas photographer chick fil a pharr texas ben briones studios mcallen texas photographer chick fil a pharr texas ben briones studios mcallen texas photographer chick fil a pharr texas ben briones studios mcallen texas photographer chick fil a pharr texas ben briones studios mcallen texas photographer chick fil a pharr texas ben briones studios mcallen texas photographer chick fil a pharr texas ben briones studios mcallen texas photographer chick fil a pharr texas ben briones studios mcallen texas photographer chick fil a pharr texas ben briones studios mcallen texas photographer chick fil a pharr texas ben briones studios mcallen texas photographer chick fil a pharr texas ben briones studios mcallen texas photographer chick fil a pharr texas ben briones studios mcallen texas photographer

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Printing in the 956.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 5.50.31 PM

When I started shooting paid jobs back in 2007, I would make my prints at Walmart or Walgreen’s. Basically, any place that would develop my FujiColor X-TRA 800 ISO film. Yes, this young, handsome photographer began his career shooting 35mm film. I’ll share about about my film days in a future blog, but for now let’s get back something that will benefit you.
You can probably guess what local photo lab I’m going to suggest to you by the giant screenshot at the top of the post — but let me tell you why it’s the best option for you and your business.

First, the pricing they offer on their prints and enlargements are extremely affordable. You can easily turn a profit with a good mark-up on your print sale prices. I currently use Costco’s 4×6 luster prints for flyers or advertising material.

Second, Costco is quick, even with on-site orders. I usually make all print orders online via their Costco Photo Center Website and pick then up next day.
There have been some instances when I have taken a USB to print from their kiosks and the waiting period is less than an hour. I’ll place my order, then go get myself a slice of pizza and before you’re even done with your slice of pizza your prints are ready. I’ll give you a great example on how Costco has saved my butt. Last November I had a client who last minute chose to add an engagement session to their wedding packages. My engagement sessions come with a 16×24 Print. Usually you would do an engagement session six months in advance but in this situation, we shot it on the same month of the wedding. At the time I was a Pro-member with so they had free overnight shipping so, I wasn’t too worried about ordering my print from my usual lab located in California. We scheduled the session and completed it, we went through the image selection process and it was done. I placed an overnight order via Pictage five days before the wedding day thinking it would be in just before the wedding. Well, guess what? — it wasn’t. I went with plan B, which was making a poster print from Costco. So the night before the wedding I placed the order and went to pick it up hours before the wedding. Since it was a poster print on matte it was able to stand alone on easel. I let my clients know about the situation, and since my clients are paying for premium product I still gave them the original high quality print from Pictage.

Third, they make some legit canvas prints. Although Costco’s canvas don’t compare to canvases from White House Custom Colour or CG Pro Prints in quality, they are sufficient for the starting photographer or clients ordering themselves a canvas after purchasing the digital file printing rights. I currently have a Costco’s 11×14 canvas hanging in my office which I use to show my clients if they want to make a canvas print locally. Costco would be their best bet for a good quality print. I recommend Costco’s photo lab to my clients looking to make extra prints aside from the print orders they have from my professional lab.

Look into the site more, and if you feel Costco can be beneficial to your business sign up for their membership here. You can only order prints from this whole-sale store with membership. If you have any other questions about ordering prints locally, please feel free to contact me and I will answer any questions.