Stephanie Rios – Professional Photographer – Ben Briones Studios

There comes a time in your life when you have to ask for help! It is inevitable because as much as we think we could do everything and anything, truly, we can’t. And after we receive help it usually customary to thank that person. Today, I thank you Stephanie Rios! Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines help asContinue reading “Stephanie Rios – Professional Photographer – Ben Briones Studios”

Celina & Mario Wedding – Mission, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

Celina and Mario are such sweat hearts! One of the best couples to work with. They were very trusting in my creative direction and very patient with my ever crazy unorganized business but nonetheless we got work done. As I was looking over these images to edit them I noticed one thing that stuck out.Continue reading “Celina & Mario Wedding – Mission, Texas – Ben Briones Studios”

Miriam & Jario -Mission, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

This sweet couple are such dolls and I mean that in all honesty. They are such a good looking couple. We had a blast doing this photo session. Miriam is the younger sister to one of the my brides, Melody Rios Contreras. Beauty does run in the family. I have photographed Melody, their parents and now these twoContinue reading “Miriam & Jario -Mission, Texas – Ben Briones Studios”

Efrain & Ruby E-session – Mission, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

I have been photographing Efrain since he was a younger. My friend Efrian is a man of God, a minister of the word through music and just an overall amazing guy! In one day my super cool friend will be getting married to the love of his life; the beautiful Ruby soon-to-be Salinas! Definitely excitedContinue reading “Efrain & Ruby E-session – Mission, Texas – Ben Briones Studios”

Ronnie Sada Family – Hidalgo, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

Memories are beautiful and that is why I love being a photographer. The opportunity God has given me to freeze a special moment in time that will forever be passed down in generations is just beyond me. At the end of May I had the pleasure of photographing Roonie and her growing family. We wentContinue reading “Ronnie Sada Family – Hidalgo, Texas – Ben Briones Studios”

Laura Valdez Bridals – San Juan, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

The excitement of revealing bridal photos is just unbearable. Laura is unique girl. You saw her engagement session, which had a completely different style of this photo shoot but I think this one still takes the cake because she’s such a gorgeous girl. This was such a special bridal photo session because Laura’s parents andContinue reading “Laura Valdez Bridals – San Juan, Texas – Ben Briones Studios”

Alondra Alaniz – Mcallen, Texas – Ben Briones Studio

Every girl will go through this stage in her life where she transitions from a young woman to an adult. I believe God has given this young lady a spotlight in this world. If my photographs could tell her story, this is what they would say: “Her dress is uniquely tailored for her, her headpieceContinue reading “Alondra Alaniz – Mcallen, Texas – Ben Briones Studio”

Redundancy Saves You and Your Photos – Ben Briones Studios

One of the scariest things for a photographer is to have one of your hard drives crash! This post will walk you through the steps I take in order to store and secure my personal data and client images for my photography business. 1. Wedding Night: Most people after their wedding night would most likelyContinue reading “Redundancy Saves You and Your Photos – Ben Briones Studios”

Melody & Edgar Engagement – San Juan, Ben Briones Studios Texas –

Melody is the sweetest person you could ever meet. There is something about her voice when she speaks to you. It’s almost as if she speaks in song; very gentle and pleasant to the ear. Her visits to my office are always super fun. We would talk about everything from church to relationships and music.Continue reading “Melody & Edgar Engagement – San Juan, Ben Briones Studios Texas –”

Nicole & Mike E-Session – Hidalgo, Texas -Ben Briones Studios

The small things are what count sometimes. Today I will be introducing you to one of my brides who has been so loyal and excited about my brand! Nicole and I go way back to high school! We both attended Edinburg North High School in Edinburg, Texas and since then we have kept in touch.Continue reading “Nicole & Mike E-Session – Hidalgo, Texas -Ben Briones Studios”

5 reason’s why PASS is better than CD’s or USB’s.

Presentation is everything, is what used to be the model. We used to present our clients images on CD’s with elegant cases or custom USBs – but that’s a thing of the past. Customer’s demands have changed, in today’s fast moving technological world speed is expected on all product delivery. PASS, a photo sharing galleryContinue reading “5 reason’s why PASS is better than CD’s or USB’s.”